Allotment Gardening

Weed Weather

It’s that time of year again where we have a week of blazing sunshine, tyen a few days of non stop rain. We know what such a combination brings………WEEDS!!

What I’d  like to know is, why on earth do the veg crops not grow anywhere near as much as the weeds? I spent an hour this evening hoeing the plot. Luckily I quite enjoy it.

Not much of an update since my last post im afraid. The brussel sprouts are doing well and may need thinning out soon. The coffee grounds that Reg helped me with seem to be keeping the slugs and snails away, so I’ll certainly be using coffee a lot more on the plot.

The sweetcorn is also doing well and seems to be growing an inch more each time I visit the plot. I’m really hoping I’ve got the spacing right as I’m eager to get a good crop from these.

I also got the spaghetti squash planted tonight. I dug the bed a few weeks ago and have been putting lots of organic material, compost and well rotted manure in as I’ve heard these squash are very hungry. Im really looking forward to sering how these go as i think the kids will love the novelty of it when its cooked and served like spaghetti.

I will soon be starting a vlog on YouTube and have already recorded 3 videos to upload. It will have a fancy little intro too, so keep checking back for details.


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