Allotment Gardening

Getting things under control

You may be bored of me banging on about the overgrown end of the plot. But I cant help it. It really frustrates me that I haven’t found time to sort it yet and the weeds are 5 feet high and starting to go to seed. Well my allotment neighbours would be jyst as annoyed as me if weed seeds stsrt blowing everywhere from my plot. Time to call in the cavalry, or to use his actual name, Darren. He’s a good friend and a gardener by trade, so I knew he would have either a cordless or petrol strimmer to lend me. Luckily enough he had both and even offered to strim it for me. Legend!!!

Needless to say he did me a right favour and its looking so much better. Should also keep the moaners off my back too.

The best part of cutting the weeds back in this section is that I can now get to my fruit bushes. Im finally able to see how well they are doing. Im pleased to say they are full of gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currents. Just got to wait for them to ripen

Now that I can see the end of the plot, its given the motivation I need to dig those weeds out so I can utilise every inch of space I have. So although its a bit late in the season, I finally dug a huge chunk of weeds out, dug a bed and planted 2 rows of potatoes. Im so happy that Im getting closer to have control of the entire plot and will keep my fingers crossed that its not too late in the season for the potatoes. Im pretty sure they will be fine and I’ll just get a late crop.

I ticked another couple of jobs off my list today, including thinning out the brussel sprouts. But I dont like to take something out and waste it, so I tried to move them so they were spaced correctly. I think that was a mistake as despite watering them in well, the ones I’ve moved had wilted quite a lot by the time I had left. Hopefully they will be back to normal tomorrow.

The galia melon seedlings are bursting out of the seed tray and deperately need to be planted out soon, so I’m currently preparing the soil by mixing lots of potash in, some well rotted manure and ive absolutely soaked the bed and covered with polythene to get the soil nice and warm before they go in. Im thinking i might squeeze 4 in there.

That’s about it from me today. Still plenty to do. Ill be making a list tomorrow so I can prioritise all my jobs. Ill also be putting lots more on Instagram and Facebook.


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